CIPD survey reveals the main objective of organisations is recruiting key talent

  14th July 2010      
 CIPD, Company News

The 2010 CIPD ‘Resourcing and Talent Planning’ survey shows that key talent is still difficult to find, despite the increase in potential candidates. 80% of organisations state their top resourcing objective is recruiting key staff. Two-thirds have experienced difficulties in recruitment even following reductions in the number of vacancies to fill. Such difficulties are mainly due to overall lack of necessary specialist skills in candidates.

Of 480 respondent organisations, the top resourcing objective (79%) was to attract and recruit key staff, followed by aiming to enable the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan (59%) and meet the future skill requirements of the organisation (47%). There are barriers to workforce planning, however, with the majority of respondents agreeing the top barriers to be fast-changing and unpredictable environments, both external (69%) and internal (67%), followed by a lack of resources (53%).

Organisations are less likely this year to use general ability tests to select applications, at 27% compared to 44% last year. The use of literacy and/or numeracy tests and tests for specific skills, however, remains consistent.

The survey reveals concerns that employers are too hastily implementing redundancies. 48% of respondents agree with this, and feel that such decisions result in losing too many valuably skilled and knowledgeable employees. Conversely, the survey also reports that this year, rather than recruiting new talent, more organisations plan to focus on developing and maintaining talent in-house. More organisations also expect to continue to recruit key talent and in niche areas, 65% in 2010 compared with 53% in 2009.

More organisations across all sectors are reported to be operating structured graduate recruitment programmes (34%) compared to 2009 (22%). Large organisations with such graduate recruitment programmes commonly have an HR-specific scheme.

The labour market has experienced an increase in the quantity of applicants for vacancies. 76% report a larger number of unsuitable applicants, whereas 32% feel that there are too many suitable candidates to choose from. Recruitment agencies, along with companies’ own corporate websites, were found to be the most effective method for attracting candidates to job vacancies.

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