CIPD launch a new guide to help HR professionals with their workforce planning

  14th June 2010      
 Company News, Human Resources

growthCIPD is advising HR professionals to seek out more effective workforce planning, with the launch of their new guide.

Workforce planning — People resources need to be in place in order to deliver short and long-term company objectives. This should be a key part of the HR procedure in order to develop organisation performance which is sustainable. This is viewed through a new Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) guide, on Workforce Planning, covering aspects on Right People and Right Skills that illustrate how organisations can carry out the business plan via its employees.

Research conducted by CIPD demonstrates that too many organisations are failing to plan for the future. A survey published this year on Talent Planning was released to coincide with a conference on the 16th and 17th June which has the same name. The survey revealed that the majority of organisations perform workforce planning for the next 1-2 years (41%), with one fifth planning under a year before (20%). In response to these worries, the guide recommends that organisations look at the longer term requirements of the organisation, instead of the short-term budgetary planning, to aid sustainable performance.

The guide, based on in-depth interviews with different sized organisations within the public and private sectors and also includes a literature review, calls on HR to be a reliable business partner by being a part of the strategic planning method. In addition, it establishes the part HR can perform in aiding risk management in organisations, through tools like scenario planning.

Angela Baron, engagement adviser, CIPD, comments, “Workforce planning provides the basis for better decision-making to meet the future needs of the business in terms of its people resource. While some organisations have these processes in place, for many there is still a ‘knowing-doing’ gap when it comes to workforce planning This is a shame as it presents an important opportunity for HR to ‘raise the bar’ and ensure they are involved in strategic-level planning.

“While there should be a focus on the long term, it’s important that workforce plans are ‘living’ documents and are not set in stone. They need to be constantly reviewed and refreshed to ensure that the organisation can be agile and responsive to the demands of the changing business environment.”

For more information, please visit the CIPD website,

The full guide, Workforce Planning: Right People, Right Time, Right Skills, can be downloaded at

The Resourcing and Talent Planning survey will be available to download from from 16th June.

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