CIPD head discussion of welfare-to-work scheme

  17th June 2011      
 Company News

Yesterday, Employment Minister Chris Grayling headlined a CIPD round table discussion regarding the welfare-to-work scheme. The discussion revolved around the role HR can play in making success of the Government’s Work Programme, designed to encourage unemployed people to stop claiming benefits and get back into work.

Jackie Orme, CIPD CEO says: “HR has a unique role to play in driving employer engagement with the welfare-to-work system. At the CIPD we think there is a genuine business case for engaging with welfare-to-work providers as they help employers tap into an under-valued and under-utilised talent pool.

“Despite these difficult economic times, we are still finding employers struggling to find the right people, with the right attitudes and skills, to fill vacancies. Even putting aside the moral imperative to ensure everyone has the opportunity to engage in the labour market, there are real business benefits to finding ways of unlocking the enthusiasm and potential of people who’ve been deprived of the opportunity to shine.

“There is no better time than now for HR practitioners and employers to think creatively about how they use welfare-to-work providers’ services to really drive competitive edge through their people.”

CEO of A4e (Action for Employment) Andrew Dutton adds: “Under the Work Programme, we will be opening up employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people on benefits, helping them find and keep a job. At A4e, we believe in innovation, and in doing so we’re open to new solutions which really work for both employers and for the people whose lives we are hoping to change. These new solutions have built a strong business case for employers to get involved and recruit for roles through welfare-to-work providers; not only will they save money, but they will also grow their talent, generate a sustainable workforce and create better links with their communities.”

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