How having and living by your company values sets you apart in your recruitment process

  18th December 2017      
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Many businesses in the UK could be missing out on hiring top talent by not doing enough to promote their company’s values when talking to potential new employees. An employer’s values are what shapes the perception of a current employee, a potential employee or a former employee with regards to working with you. A rich, thriving culture will attract and retain the best people, but having and living by company values is what sets you apart from others and defines you as a great employer to work for, a necessity in today’s world. Here’s how to make your company values stand out to future employees:


Make your values clear on your company website

A LinkedIn study showed that 36% of the HR and recruiting professionals that were surveyed said that their values are missing from their company’s website.

Professionals turn to the internet to research a company when considering a job opportunity or attending an interview and prospective candidates will likely be visiting your website as a first port of call.  Make sure your vision, values and culture are all clearly demonstrated throughout your website to show people the benefits they will gain once part of your team and make your vacancies more compelling.


Promote your values during your recruitment process

The report found that many businesses are failing to promote their purpose during the hiring process with 61% admitting that they don’t mention their organisation’s values during interview and just 27% mentioning them in job ads. 

If you promote the values that make up your company culture then you will find like-minded individuals who share those same values. Clearly defining your employer brand will differentiate your organisation from others and promote your company’s reputation as a great place to work. Your brand message should be targeted at the right people with the right skills throughout the whole process, giving you a better chance of recruiting the best person for the job.


Get everyone onboard with your brand and company values

The problem could stem from a knowledge gap, with one in ten HR and recruiting professionals admitting that they are unable to articulate their own company’s values. One in five respondents also claimed that their company’s HR and marketing functions don’t work well together – or at all – to promote the company’s employer brand externally.

Internal marketing should align every aspect of a company’s internal operations, treating employees themselves as customers who must be convinced of a company’s vision and worth. This is the best way to help employees make a meaningful connection to your brand. If your team believe in your company values, they’ll naturally be motivated and inspired to communicate this to potential future employers who are making career decisions based on these factors.

Our Director at Bond Williams, Robert Bond concludes:

“Corporate brand values are obviously very important in talent attraction and acquisition, this will come as no surprise. However, in our experience as recruiters it’s vitally important to ensure businesses drive those core values through the company to truly reflect the reality of the company culture and its ambitions for the future. The companies that will retain the best talent in our experience are those that not only advertise their brand values openly but those who nurture and can accurately reflect them throughout every aspect of their business on a daily basis.”


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