First impressions: Your own personal brand

  1st December 2017      
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We are all very familiar with the phrase ‘First impressions last’ and this has never been more true than when attending a job interview.

With so many candidates hunting down a prized vacancy, don’t let your dress sense let your quality experience, vital skills, perfect CV and positive personality down.

Think about the position you are applying for and the dress code expected for the company, for most it is a formal look but if you are likely to be applying for something a bit different, creative or original, former Facebook entrepreneur; Zuckerberg has said he’d rather see a more relaxed, casual approach to dressing. It might be worth a little research either by checking the ‘About Us’ section on the company website or a bit of background work into staff heading to, or coming out of their place of work.

Good dress attire is never out of fashion, so wear it with pride and above all feel comfortable, and do a trial run a few days before, just in case.

Remember your image is your personal brand so although you are dressing well and smart doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touches, a little bit of your own personality (within reason) can make for some interesting, light-hearted comments in an interview. More creative industries will welcome these accents as it gives them an insight into your inner artistic workings.

Don’t go overboard on fragrances, aftershaves, perfumes or jewellery and hide tattoos and piercings if you are going for a more formal or professional career choice. Take the opportunity to prepare the day before, some personal grooming can make you feel great on the inside and looks even better on the outside. Go for a bold but professional day dress with a tasteful jacket or maybe a sharp, solid suit, either trousers or skirt version just as long as it matches. Keep shoes to a moderate heel or a comfortable, well-fitting, clean pair of shoes.

For men, take the chance to trim or shave properly, dry-clean your best suit, polish your shoes, new socks, a simple tie; the old-fashion things that will always work.

Whatever happens, wear a smile, you might be nervous or apprehensive but disguising it with a smile works a treat every time, there is nothing like a happy face for receiving a welcoming reception to make you feel at ease.

Good luck!

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