CEO’s Recruiting Secrets of Success

  19th August 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources, Recruitment

A group of CEO’s have revealed their top secrets for success. BBC News asked the Chief Execs about the advice they wish they’d received when starting out.

Three core pieces of advice that emerged were picking your team wisely, networking and getting started.

With regards to creating your team, Harriet Green, the former CEO of Thomas Cook said: “Always surround yourself with people who are better than you. Whatever it is that you are not – surround yourself with them.”

Richard Reed, a Founder of Innocent Drinks, said “It is essential to employ those who have the same values as you, but different skills. Whether it is through networking or an application process, employing a strong team will make you capable of nailing every bit of the business.”

Knowing the importance of hiring people you can have faith in; the man best known for his vacuum cleaners gave a few simple words of advice in his response. Sir James Dyson said employers need to have “trust in them, believe in them and back them.”

Hannah Darby, Recruitment Consultant in our Office & Commercial division echoes these words of wisdom. She adds “Taking time to recruit well is beneficial as well. It’s not always simple to find the exact person that has the skills for the job, the personality to fit into the team and the values to blend with your culture. Forcing decisions due to pressures such as demand, lack of time or lack of access to the best resources often means that a quick fix solution is not the right long-term solution. In those cases, out-sourcing with a recruitment agency can be hugely beneficial and make long-term financial sense.”

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