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Most in-demand Accounting & Finance Jobs right now

 16th October 2018      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

The south coast is an important location for the financial services sector, with several major practice and industry employers choosing to base themselves here. At Bond Williams, we are currently… Read more »

6 tips for a great phone interview

With so many people applying for the same job, phone interviews are still something that employers use to narrow the field a bit more. Understanding how to stand out, even… Read more »

 7th September 2018      Hannah Darby

How much hiring the wrong person is costing your business

When it comes to recruiting new employees, getting it right the first time is particularly important and the cost of hiring the wrong person will undoubtedly overshadow their value to… Read more »

 20th August 2018      Claire Bond

The benefits of using temporary staff

Whilst hiring temporary staff isn’t always an option for all businesses, it can be a fantastic way to boost productivity and manage heavy workloads or seasonal projects more efficiently. Here,… Read more »

 31st July 2018      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

The top 10 most desirable jobs in the UK

A recent survey from independent job site CV-Library, shows that over half (54.5%) of UK professionals are unhappy in their job. Over two fifths revealed that they aren’t currently working… Read more »

 25th June 2018      Claire Bond

NLP for HR Professionals: Bond Williams’ latest seminar

Time-pressured HR professionals keep up with ever-evolving practices at Bond Williams’ latest seminar This morning saw our greatly anticipated seminar on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for HR professionals take place… Read more »

 11th September 2018      Claire Bond

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