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Why we celebrate World Women’s Day on 8 March

 8th March 2018      Charmaine Padfield

The event first started to campaign for better pay and rights for women, but is now aimed at inspiring females across the world, a global celebration which aims to inspire… Read more »

What do employers need to know about snow?

Schools have been closed and travel plans have been disrupted across the UK as heavy snow falls up and down the country. This morning your employees will be wondering what… Read more »

 1st March 2018      Charmaine Padfield

Where would you be if you were able to stand up and share your message with confidence?

This morning at AFC Bournemouth, HR professionals attended a Bond Williams Professional Recruitment specialist talk: “How to avoid career limiting presentations” in partnership with Simply Amazing Training to find out… Read more »

 23rd January 2018      Charmaine Padfield

It’s Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the name given to the most depressing day of the year, a formula that takes into consideration the amount of time since Christmas, the weather, debt levels,… Read more »

 15th January 2018      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

The top 10 industries for a pay rise in 2018

If you are searching for a new job this January that pays more than your current salary, there is good news to support your career move according to new data… Read more »

 7th February 2018      Hannah Hashtroudi

How having and living by your company values sets you apart in your recruitment process

Many businesses in the UK could be missing out on hiring top talent by not doing enough to promote their company’s values when talking to potential new employees. An employer’s… Read more »

 18th December 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi

Landed a new role? Here’s what to expect on your first day

If you have recently found yourself a new role, well done, that’s great news! But now what? Your first day can be nerve wracking but whatever role you are starting… Read more »

 22nd December 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi

Welcome aboard

Whilst employment and retention is vitally important to the recruitment process, finding the best candidate and signing the contract is only the beginning. It’s simply not enough for our new… Read more »

 24th November 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi

Matching the right CV to your job role

Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and… Read more »

 22nd November 2017      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Generalist or specialist?

One of the reasons that a career in HR is so attractive is that you get such a vast insight into all areas of business. Each organisation is different, however… Read more »

 2nd November 2017      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

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