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Matching the right CV to your job role

 22nd November 2017      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and… Read more »

Generalist or specialist?

One of the reasons that a career in HR is so attractive is that you get such a vast insight into all areas of business. Each organisation is different, however… Read more »

 2nd November 2017      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Planning on asking your employer for more money? Read our guide…

Asking for a salary increase can be uncomfortable, whilst you may believe you are worth more than you are currently earning financially, it is always better to approach your employer… Read more »

 26th October 2017      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Do you have any questions? 10 things to ask in an interview

Being interviewed isn’t just about the company finding out more about you.  Asking your own intelligent and well thought out questions shows your interest in the position and the company, asking questions gives… Read more »

 25th October 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi (nee Darby)

8 ways to get ahead of the competition

Eight ways to be an ideal employee We are always pondering the question; what makes a good leader, an inspiring entrepreneur and a great boss but are we overlooking what… Read more »

 14th December 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi (nee Darby)

First impressions: Your own personal brand

We are all very familiar with the phrase ‘First impressions last’ and this has never been more true than when attending a job interview. With so many candidates hunting down… Read more »

 1st December 2017      Hannah Hashtroudi (nee Darby)

Christmas Party Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts

The majority of us look forward to our Christmas party, 80% in fact according to a survey from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). However, nearly a third (30%)… Read more »

 8th December 2017      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

Employers: Top three employment law changes in 2016 that you need to know

  Changes are set to come into effect in the following months that could cause a considerable impact for your business in a number of HR areas, especially if you… Read more »

 7th January 2016      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

Six steps to ensure the successful onboarding of your new employee

Whilst employment and retention is vitally important to the recruitment process, finding the best candidate and signing the contract is only the beginning. It’s simply not enough for our new… Read more »

 26th January 2016      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

86% of UK office workers think about the damage their working environment may have on their health

Latest findings suggest UK desk workers receive woefully inadequate training and support – which could lead to potentially widespread health issues.   Almost three in ten (28%) office workers who sit at… Read more »

 27th July 2017      Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

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