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Why exclusivity trumps multi-agency recruitment every time

 18th March 2019      Claire Bond

When it comes to using the services of a recruitment agency to fill your next vacancy, it can seem to make sense to cast your net wide. With multiple consultants… Read more »

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Claire Bond, Director

We spent five minutes with our Founder and Director, Claire Bond, to get to know her a little better and hopefully find out some surprising facts! Give a potted history… Read more »

 13th March 2019      Private: Bond Williams

Keep up to date with statutory rates

The proposed statutory rates due to come into force from April were announced at the end of last year, despite fears that Brexit might delay their publication. But with the… Read more »

 5th March 2019      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

Why rock star job titles don’t work in recruitment

Let’s start with a quiz. Can you identify these conventional roles from their modern, reinvented job descriptions: wet leisure assistant, waste management and disposal technician, and paranoid in chief? A… Read more »

 27th February 2019      Private: Bond Williams

Kindness is a workplace winner

When a large supermarket chain claimed ‘every little helps’, they were right and with Random Acts of Kindness day taking place yesterday, today is your chance as employers to use… Read more »

 18th February 2019      Carole Connor

How to handle love in the workplace

With the majority of us spending most of our waking hours at work or with colleagues, it’s easy to see why 22% of people meet their romantic partners at work…. Read more »

 13th February 2019      Private: Bond Williams

Are the foundations of #MeToo being built in your workforce?

In this guest post, Helen Jamieson, Diversity & Inclusion specialist and HR training business owner shares her experience of the #MeToo movement. In the last eighteen months, since the birth… Read more »

 6th February 2019      Private: Bond Williams

What’s your business story?

Hiring staff is now a two-way street where the power is no longer solely in the hands of the employer. Candidates are putting more onus on whether they can see… Read more »

 28th January 2019      Hannah Darby

The danger of undervaluing Human Resources

When it comes to Human Resources, many businesses fail to see the immediate value in investing in a department. As a result, HR teams are often the first to go… Read more »

 22nd January 2019      Carole Connor

Overcoming the Accounting & Finance recruitment struggle

It’s no secret that clients within the Accounting and Finance sector are struggling to find quality candidates at the moment. A 2018 REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) report revealed that… Read more »

 14th January 2019      Louise Woodward (Chartered MCIPD)

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