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Division: IT & Software Solutions
Location: International

The client brief

An aviation systems test business was seeking a very rare skilled C++ Software Developer to be based in Paris for 12 months and then come back to the UK where they would be permanently based in Dorset. The client had already spent money on a retainer with a European agency to no avail. The unsuccessful candidates either did not speak English or were unhappy to relocate to the UK in 12 months’ time.

The work in Paris was the implementation and that same work needed to be managed in the UK so it was critical to have the same skill sets and understanding in both France and the UK.

The Bond Williams Approach

Our specialist IT divisions quickly tapped into their network of software engineers and looked high and low for additional suitable candidates. Having an excellent relationship with many candidates, a lot of whom they had supported through their whole careers, they knew who to approach first. One particular contact was English-born, currently working in Oxford with the exact skills required and who was in a position to relocate immediately.

The Result

After three interviews, both face to face and via Skype from overseas, and upon passing a technical test, the candidate was offered the job on a Thursday and flown out to Paris on the Saturday!

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