Career ambitions rated more important than work friendships in new report

  12th May 2016      
 Employment, Human Resources, Office & Commercial, Recruitment, Temps

87.3% of employees put their career ambition ahead of workplace friendships according to a recent study from CV-Library.

The research suggests that the extent of the UK’s career ambition makes for a positive environment for recruiters.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, told Recruitment Grapevine that with job market uncertainty it’s positive to see candidates continue to consider their career.

“The UK’s job market is currently contending with a number of economic uncertainties and there are a host of influences that could further threaten it this year, namely a Brexit,” he said.

“But for now, it’s still growing, and as candidates are clearly determined to achieve career success, it’s an ideal time to be hiring. This is overall positive news for recruiters, many of whom have recently been grappling to find talented candidates with a real drive for career progression; so this positive morale and ambition will be paramount to an employer’s success.”

“The reality is that many UK employers are currently expanding their workforce, so it’s vital that businesses are bringing in recruits of the right calibre; though employees who don’t put their careers first are the minority, unprofessional conduct will set a bad example to others, and this is something that employers should be aware of as they bring new staff on board.”

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