Boost in employers recruitment confidence

  25th March 2011      
 Company News, Employment

The REC March JobsOutlook has emphasised a boost in the confidence of employer’s recruitment intentions for 2011. This rise in confidence has been seen across both short and long-term hiring intentions.

For a third month in a row the REC Confidence Index has risen to its highest point since April last year, revealing an increased amount of employers plan to create new positions in comparison with last month.

A promising 17% of employers anticipate increasing their permanent workforce over the next three months. While an encouraging 24% of employers intend to hire more permanent staff over the next year, which is one point up on last month.

Those seeking employment via a recruitment company can take comfort in the fact that over the next three months one in four employers plan to take on extra agency workers, both short and long-term and one in three expect to add to their temporary staffing levels over the next year.

For temporary workers, the next twelve months look promising. Statistics state that one in three employers expect to add to their temporary staffing levels throughout 2011. The latest feedback confirms that employer’s see temporary staffing as the most cost-effective way of building flexibility into their workforce while the economic climate remains volatile.

The considerable cuts being made within the public sector has created a noticeable dip in both the overall number of hours worked by public sector employees and their current pay rates. Therefore the government must do everything in its power to stimulate employment in the private sector to absorb public sector cuts.

With public sector cuts and the limited vacancies within the private sector, the ‘war for talent’ is high as candidates fight for jobs and employers fight to obtain the most qualified and suitable candidate. For professional and experienced agency recruitment assistance, please contact the new Bond Williams office and we will help you find you the best candidate to fit your team.

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