Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Grace Gibbons

  3rd December 2019       Private: Bond Williams
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Meet Grace, our Associate Recruitment Consultant…

Give a potted history of your career to date.

I started off my career working at Ageas within the inbound sales department. This was my first role where I found myself overcoming challenges on a daily basis. I found that I thrived working in a customer focused environment. During my time at Ageas I was asked to help out the internal recruitment team over a busy period. This is where I found a love for recruitment and decided I wanted to do it permanently. I have now been doing IT recruitment for a year and a half, I have learnt a lot over this time and I am now working towards becoming a consultant.

Grace Gibbons

Grace Gibbons

Why did you get into recruitment?

I liked the idea of helping other people and I also felt like it was something that just came naturally to me.

What do you think makes a great recruitment consultant?

A good recruitment consultant is made up of a lot of skills/characteristics, however I would say to be a great consultant you need to be resilient. The job has its ups but it also has its low points. You need to be able to get through those points to enjoy the fun side of recruitment!

Your biggest achievement at Bond Williams?

I would say my biggest achievement at Bond Williams is learning a whole new sector whilst getting to grips with recruitment itself.

Your biggest achievement in life?

I would say by biggest achievement is leaving sixth form before completing my exams, going straight into work and still securing myself a role where I can develop and grow. I have just proved to myself that sometimes you just need to work hard to get where you want to.

Always wanted to travel to…?

I have always wanted to travel around America.

Always wanted to learn how to…?


If I weren’t a recruitment consultant, I would be…?

A florist.

People would be surprised to know this about me?

I did ballet and tap for 14 years.

Motto in life or something you strongly believe in?

I believe that it doesn’t take much to be kind to people.

Private: Bond Williams


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