Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Claire Bond, Director

  13th March 2019       Private: Bond Williams
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We spent five minutes with our Founder and Director, Claire Bond, to get to know her a little better and hopefully find out some surprising facts!

Give a potted history of your career.

When I was at school, I actually wanted to be a vet or accountant. I worked in various direct sales roles before joining a multisector recruitment start-up in 1998. I was there for 18 months and then moved to and later managed a boutique secretarial recruitment agency for four years. In 2004, I set up Bond Williams which initially specialised in recruiting for office, commercial and HR roles. Rob joined the business in 2008 when I fell pregnant with our first child, bringing extensive IT recruitment experience to the team, and a year later, we recruited Louise who headed up our fourth specialist division in accounting and finance.

Why did you get into recruitment?

I was working in hotel sales, but the passion had gone. I thought the recruitment industry sounded varied, busy and interesting – which it was and still is!

What qualifications do you have?

I never wanted to go to University. I just wanted to work hard and not study. From the age of 13, I worked in a hotel, but I do have a BTEC in Business and Finance.

What makes a great recruitment consultant?

The best recruiters have so many qualities, but just a few that are important to me include:

  • Being a good listener
  • Customer-focussed
  • Solutions-orientated
  • Self-motivated
  • Organised with sense of urgency
  • Possesses high emotional intelligence
  • Accountable
  • Commercially aware
  • Collaborative
  • An expert or motivated to be an expert in their field

Your biggest achievement at Bond Williams?

Building such an amazing team and the friends I have made.

Your biggest achievement in life?

I have a few actually!

Professionally, my earliest achievement was being a finalist for Manager of the Year in the National UK Direct Sales Awards when I was just 19. I was the youngest nominee. Then having the courage to set up Bond Williams with just an old-fashioned phone book and phone and building the multi-branch company it is today with a £3 million annual turnover.

Personally, building our house 11 years ago was certainly an achievement and of course, creating two little amazing people that I can see my very best qualities in, even though they run me ragged at times!

Always wanted to travel to…?

Australia was my main aim, which we did as a family four years ago. I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit, but there are so many places in the world still to explore.

Always wanted to learn how to…?

I am continually evolving and learn something new every day. I strive to be a better parent, I would love to be an amazing cook and maybe even learn an instrument one day (even though I can’t read music).

If I weren’t a recruitment consultant, I would be…?

A property developer. I love houses and interiors.

People would be surprised to know this about me?

I am a qualified rescue diver.

Motto in life or something you strongly believe in?

I believe you get out of life what you put in and you make your own luck. Life isn’t always fair and things don’t always go your way but if you give it your all, I do feel you can work your way out of most things. Don’t give up.

I always say to my kids: “Be the best you can be and treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Private: Bond Williams


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