Bond Williams Seminar review ‘The Manager Does Make a Difference’

  29th March 2012      
 Company News

The latest Bond Williams seminar got off to a hot topical start today while the sun shone unseasonably outside the event location; Carlton Hotel Bournemouth. First to the stand was Frettens employment law specialist Paul Burton giving a run through on the latest legal changes and the impact they present to businesses and ultimately HR professionals and managers in their day to day practices.

This led nicely to the theme of the day ‘The Manager Does Make a Difference’. As with many other Bond Williams’s seminars regular presenter Jane Coshan of Connect HR took the group through an interactive session where there is always room for some fun in between the fundamentals.

To understand how a manager works and the importance of their role in any company, the seminar group was tasked to question ‘what their idea of a good manager should look like’.  It’s a simple question and to illustrate the question, Jane used an equally simple drawing of a stickman, allowing the group to add what they thought were necessary traits any manager should display to the drawing.  The metaphors cast a full range from big feet to ‘walk the walk’ and an invisible cape to be a ‘superhero to all’ while a big heart, a creative brain and listening ears seemed to be the most popular response.

If you would like further information about Bond Williams seminars please go to or if you would like to read the notes to this session, approved members of the Bond Williams Linked In HR Group can view now.

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