Bond Williams in Partnership with Frettens Solicitors help clients get GDPR ready

  28th November 2017       Claire Bond
 Client, Company News, Employment Law

This morning saw our most popular event yet, as over 100 HR professionals attended a Bond Williams Professional Recruitment specialist talk: “Helping Clients to be GDPR-ready” in partnership with Frettens Solicitors; at AFC Bournemouth, Vitality Stadium.

It’s a hot topic: GDPR compliance, and this morning’s seminar from Bond Williams was all about the changes to the data that companies hold and how to manage these changes which will come into force in May 2018. Legal experts Paul Burton and Sarah Sillar from Frettens Solicitors employment and commercial teams joined us to help clients navigate through the GDPR minefield in a way that was relevant to them.

Paul specialises in Employment Law and took us through the impending changes from an HR and employee data perspective. Sarah is a Commercial Solicitor and, as non-compliance would have an effect on business reputation she explained how adherence with GDPR will play a key role in the success (and valuation) of a company.

Robert Wassall LL.B, a solicitor and data protection expert from DataHelp with more than 30 years’ experience in the legal profession also joined us at this morning’s seminar to talk about compliance, risk management and the GDPR 5-Step Plan to help businesses to be fully prepared for the GDPR in plenty of time.

As we know, the GDPR will significantly change and update the data protection regime in the UK. Given that clients deal with a raft of personal data on a daily basis, today’s workshop ensured an understanding on how to comply with the new regime.

Claire Bond, Director of Bond Williams Professional says:

“The GDPR seeks to introduce higher and more stringent regulations upon those whose hold and process personal data. Unsurprisingly, today’s seminar was one of our busiest yet, it was fantastic to such a large group of professionals looking to get ahead of the regulations, take time to understand what changes will be needed, and what steps they need to take to implement these processes right now. A massive thank you to all of our speakers, Paul, Sarah and Robert who are working hard to ensure adherence with GDPR and how this will play a key role in the success and valuation of businesses in this sector.”


Claire Bond


Claire has almost 25 years Recruitment experience. A specialist in the regional recruitment marketplace, Claire has extensive local knowledge and holds a reputation for quality, integrity, honesty and excellent matching. Heading up the HR and Office & Commercial Divisions of Bond Williams. Claire is responsible for the overall growth and …

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