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  25th October 2010      
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Jane Coshan & Jeff KellyThursday 21 October not only saw the first of the winter frosts but also the latest in a series of seminars organised by Bond Williams for the benefit of local HR Professionals. The event titled “Discovering and developing high performance through the use of colours” was led by Jeff Kelly, founder of Starfish Development & Coaching and in conjunction with Jane Coshan from a local HR consultancy, Connect HR (both pictured right). 

The objective of the session was to provide delegates with a better understanding of what actually goes on in the minds of the people that they work with and to use the ‘Insights’ tool to help facilitate positive working relationships and to explain why we sometimes come across individuals that we simply don’t understand or work well with. With budgets and cutting costs in the spotlight in recent weeks, ‘positive working relationships’ both internally within a company and externally with clients are incredibly important to enable employers to achieve maximum efficiency from their staff.   

Jeff Kelly & some delegatesUnlike most seminars where attendees (especially those at the front) fear being pounced on, Jeff Kelly began his session by building intrigue and anticipation through some well placed props (imagine a giant colour wheel, a piece of rope and a flashing ball!) and then creating a safe and relaxed environment through a series of agreements, for example, “no humiliation” and “I only ask open questions”. Thus with the delegates feeling relaxed and his relationship with them established, he then set to work taking them through a simple and fun communication exercise to build their relationships with each other.

Jeff then went on to speak about the use of colour to help identify energy levels and character traits in both individuals and great performing teams. The main colours identified were Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue; you may recognise some of the associated character traits as belonging to members of your own team, for example a fiery red person could be described as “a direct and sometimes aggressive individual with a very focused and driven nature”.Colour Wheel 

Delegates were also provided with insights into the different elements of face-to-face communication based on the research of Albert Mehrabian: words; tone of voice; and body language. Interestingly, it is actually body language and not words or tone that is the most powerful element of face-to-face communication when conveying feelings or attitude. With this in mind, delegates were left with some useful advice from Jeff on how to align their behaviour and personality traits in order to improve and create more solid and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Rob Bond from Bond Williams said “the event was a great success with many delegates feedback commending the time, subject matter and interactive manner with which the content of the morning was delivered. We are always looking for interesting and topical subject matter for our quarterly events and I have to say that today’s seminar was very interesting and informative – Jeff from Starfish did a great job! A lot of the things we learned today can also be applied outside of the business world in people’s everyday lives to help enhance relationships with friends, family and acquaintances alike. I think everyone really enjoyed the seminar and definitely took many positive ideas from the morning”.

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