Celebrating our best ever year as the economy improves

  20th June 2011      
 Company News

As the economy bounces back, the employment outlook in the UK is looking up. A nationwide survey has found that more organisations intend to create additional jobs within the next 3 months. With a national outlook of +3%, this is the highest and most positive it has been in three years.

This is particularly the case among smaller businesses, with hiring intentions of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) at the highest, an outlook of +8%. Recruitment professional, Mark Cahill, has explained that “SMEs were among the first to shed jobs during the recession, but we’re now seeing them build their workforce again and becoming an increasingly important source of job creation in the UK.”

Nationally, the employment outlook of the finance and banking services is looking particularly good, with a high outlook of +10%, echoing the recent reports of a boost in the creation of new jobs in City banking. IT specialists are also in high demand to be recruited in many businesses. At Bond Williams, our Accounting & Finance, IT and HR divisions have all seen increasing demand from local clients looking for quality staff to help support their businesses as more contracts and projects are won.

Here at Bond Williams, we witness first-hand the local economy continuing to improve as businesses gain confidence. We are seeing companies recruiting in volume again and, currently, we are handling several campaigns for local businesses. In the past 12 months, we have placed more people in temporary and permanent jobs than any other period. As we celebrate our most successful year in business and a move into larger premises in the town centre, demand has driven our expansion into new markets.

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