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The Insights behavioural model – or ‘colour’ model, as it’s sometimes called – can be a great predictor of how well (or not!) we might handle sudden changes like having to work from home.

Depending on our behavioural preferences, we will have more or less tolerance for things like the pace and extent of change, the amount of contact we have or don’t have with colleagues, and how we deal with uncertainty and any problems that arise. Understanding these differences and keeping them top of mind over the coming weeks and months will go a long way to helping us all navigate successfully through these difficult times.

Remember, our behaviours are always a mixture of the four colour types, but our strongest reactions will relate to the one or two colour energies we scored highest in.

High Sunshine Yellow Energy

The motto for Yellow energy is Involve me!, so working in isolation is not something those of us high in Yellow relish. If our home is a busy one with lots of family around, then our sense of isolation won’t be so strong, but we may well miss the social buzz we get when we’re in the office. Handling sudden change is not usually a concern for people high in Yellow energy but having plenty of time on our hands can work against us if we lack discipline. So many distractions, so many things we could be doing other than working! If that’s you, do your best to work to a routine, however loosely, and keep an eye on your priorities!

High Cool Blue Energy

People who have high Blue energy tend to have a calm and steady approach to most things, so working from home may actually be quite appealing once the initial shockwave has passed through. In fact, the problem could be trying to persuade them to come back to the office when it’s all over. So much time to themselves, so much peace and quiet … or so they wish!

If the home environment is an oasis of calm, all well and good, but if it’s a maelstrom of kids and pets and noise, this could be a tricky time for anyone with a strong Blue energy preference. Best advice is to find a quiet space if there is one and keep the family at bay while you’re working. Watch out, too, for getting lost down the proverbial rabbit hole of your own interests (work or otherwise) when there isn’t the immediate pressure of delivering to the demands and timescales of others.

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High Earth Green Energy

Those of us with high Green energy may feel really quite anxious while the Covid-19 virus grips the world. Of course, we’re all concerned in our own ways, but high Green energy tends to fret and worry about the wellbeing of everyone but themselves, so there’s a risk that a crisis on this scale could be deeply unsettling. Plus, the changes we’re all going through upset high Green’s cosy and familiar routines. Staying focused on the here and now can be sound advice – concern yourself with what you can influence and control closer to home. Stay connected to close colleagues – a good chat to share concerns and gently support one another is a fine tonic.

High Fiery Red Energy

Frustration could be the name of the game for anyone with high Red energy. Their high drive and energy will want to strike out in a positive, forward motion, and when that isn’t possible, they’ll feel cross, thwarted and impatient. Best solution when home working is to focus on what you can control. Turn your immense problem-solving talents to good use making sure things are going to plan and try – just a little – to cultivate some Zen-like patience until this all blows over.


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