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Ever wondered about the people behind the photos? Here, we chat to Hannah Hashtroudi (formerly Darby), Principal Recruitment Consultant, to find out more about her.

Give a potted history of your career to date.

After studying my GCSEs and Business Studies at A-level, I joined Liverpool Victoria as a Sales Advisor where I stayed for 3 years. I left to train as a beautician and worked my way up to be a Salon Manager before starting my career as a trainee recruitment consultant 8 years ago.

Why did you get into recruitment?

I thought it would be a varied role that would give me a buzz, and I was right. I love the client interaction, helping people to find their dream jobs and building relationships. It also enables me to manage the whole 360 sales cycle, which provides a great sense of accomplishment.

What qualifications do you have? 

I have a BTEC is business and beauty qualification.

What do you think makes a great recruitment consultant?

Passion, drive, tenacity, the ability to takes the highs with the lows, love for the job, being able to drop what you are doing and taking on a new task, great relationship building skills, being able to multitask, commitment and loyalty.

Your biggest achievement at Bond Williams?

Doubling my client base and income bought into the business over the last four years. I’ve also broken four company, personal and division records this year alone.

Your biggest achievement in life?

Buying a house at 24 and travelling to many countries that I have always wanted to tick off my bucket list.

Always wanted to travel to…?

South Africa & The Maldives which I will be doing for my honeymoon later this month. After that, I would love to travel round South America and also Japan.

Always wanted to learn how to…?

Scuba Dive professionally!

If I weren’t a recruitment consultant, I would be…?

A criminal investigator because I love problem solving. If any of my friends and family want to get to the bottom of a mystery, I am always the go-to person.

People would be surprised to know this about me?

Closet Boyzone superfan.

Motto in life or something you strongly believe in?

You only get out what you put in!

Register, apply, success. Find your next job.