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As the clocks chimed midnight and you linked arms to sing Auld Langs Syne, many of you would have made some New Year’s resolutions – pledges to do more exercise, change your diet for the better or perhaps take up a new hobby.

While many resolutions revolve around our personal lives, we shouldn’t overlook what we can change in our professional existence. As it may be your first day back at work after the festive break, we take a playful look at some New Year’s resolutions you and your co-workers might like to make early in 2020.

Bond Williams’ top 9 resolutions for office employees:-

  1. I won’t hoard all the forks – What is it with these pronged items? There are always plenty of knives but never a fork when you need one. Always wash up your cutlery and return it to the communal kitchen or, even better, bring your own cutlery in and take sole responsibility for it.
  1. I’ll control the volume from my earphones – Wearing earphones while working has slipped into office culture but when the volume is turned up too high, an annoying leakage of sound can prove irritating and distracting for co-workers. In fact, some colleagues find wearing earphones altogether rather rude, so it may be time for a rethink.
  1. I won’t eat noisily at my desk – Soup slurping and crisp crunching is bad at the best of times but there is actually a diagnosed condition called misophonia – a disorder that means sufferers have a hatred of sounds, such as eating and chewing. Polite eating is the order of the day.
  1. I’ll talk less and work more – We’ve all got a colleague who wants to natter about the latest Netflix show when you’ve got a deadline looming or need to focus. Perhaps that person is you! Limiting idle chatter gives productivity a boost, meaning everyone will get more done in less time.
  1. I’ll do my washing up daily – There is a temptation to leave mugs festering on your desk or pile crusted plates in the sink hoping some kind soul will wash up for you, especially if your office doesn’t have a dishwasher. Don’t – it’s plain lazily and a filthy habit!
  1. I’ll mind my Ps and Qs – Some people can’t help but swear or they have a fondness for toilet humour. While some people have thick skin or can zone out, some of your colleagues may have a more delicate disposition, finding foul language and puerile banter offensive.
  1. I’ll make more effort with the tea run -: Isn’t it lovely when someone makes you a cup of tea or coffee and delivers it to your desk? It is, however, an unspoken office rule that the gesture is reciprocated. If you’ve shirked your duty with the decaf, make 2020 the year you offer your tea-making services more freely.
  1. I’ll keep a tidy desk – Has your desk got so much paper piled high that it’s a fire hazard? Not only will a decluttered workspace help you find documents more quickly and clear your mind, it can calm down colleagues who feel stressed just looking at a messy desk.
  1. I’ll have better fridge manners – Fridge etiquette is a huge bugbear, covering everything from food poisoning to petty theft. Be politer in the coming months by: not eating anyone else’s food; sealing smelly lunches in airtight containers; removing any of your items that are out-of-date or mouldy; and buying more milk when you’ve just used the last drop.

Don’t forget, if your desk mates break their resolutions and their habits become unbearable, Bond Williams can help you find a new job in 2020. Happy New Year!

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