Best practices to adopt in the office for 2011

  10th January 2011      
 Company News

Competition is always tough between individuals in the work place, but even more so when budgets are tight and employers are forced to make cuts through redundancies. This has led to anxiety over job security and finding work for those who are unlucky enough to have been made redundant.

Research conducted by People Management Jobs found that nearly 40% of HR job seekers and employees would take a pay cut to improve their job security (see Mixed outlook for HR job seekers). However, there are ways for employees to increase job security by improving their performance as an individual and as part of a team.

Research shows that it is the peripherals of work such as meetings, communication and personality clashes that restrict individual and team efficiency. In order for HR Professionals to overcome these boundaries they need to invest more time into team culture, soft skills, engagement and performance.

Increasing individual and team work performance can dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of a business and reduce the necessity for HR to make employee cuts. To maximise the potential of employees it is important to motivate the workforce and get the team engaging with each other, making sure that they understand both their own and colleagues’ roles and how to work together in order to maximise output. Possible ways to achieve this are through regular workshops, learning sessions or team building exercises.   

Additional action can be taken in order to reduce the necessity or severity of cuts through pay reductions and redundancies. After salaries, the work space is the highest cost to a business, if the size of the workspace is unnecessary then relocation to a smaller unit can dramatically reduce the overheads of a firm. Further to this there are small cuts that can be made in the office that make a great difference to overheads, for example monitoring outgoing personal phones calls, switching off computers and lights at night to reduce energy bills, reusing office stationary and printing less which in turn benefits the environment.

Despite cuts being made in employment and employees willing to negotiate on salary, employees can take action upon themselves to help reduce day to day office costs which in turn could reduce the necessity of redundancies predicted for 2011.

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