Be flexible to keep your workforce agile

  13th November 2014      
 Company News, Human Resources, Recruitment

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor, Bond Williams Recruitment

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How agile is YOUR workforce? With a raft of new recruitment laws leaning towards flexible working and shared parental leave, one of the UK’s top execs has spoken of the importance of being able to adapt to the modern workplace. Fiona Cannon, Group Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Lloyds Banking Group spoke at the first day of the CIPD’s Annual Conference and Exhibition. She said people working in a ‘different way’ could mean a cut to 3-7% of working costs and potentially an 11% sales increase.

Her Five Golden Rules an agile workforce are:

  • Be business-led – don’t leave it all to HR.
  • Deeply understand the needs of the business and your workforce and create a portfolio of practices that bridges the two.
  • Develop the agile working model bottom-up.
  • Consider big, strategic changes.
  • Prepare leadership first – and put in place sufficient management capacity.

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Acas offer training programmes to keep you bang up to speed on the latest recruitment law. What’s more, their website has several guides which summarise and sum up the current state of play in a plain, no-nonsense matter. Go to the Acas website for more info.

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