Are poorly performing managers being rewarded?

  14th July 2015      
 Company News, Human Resources

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Nothing is worse for moral than seeing a poorly performing colleague rewarded. But research suggests even MANAGERS with bad records are being rewarded by their employers, resulting in frustration for the rest of the workforce. The report was published by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR and included data from the National Management Salary Survey 2015.

By comparing ‘performance’ to ‘pay’ they found that nearly a third (30%) of all managers who ranked as underperforming were handed a bonus in 2014! The wide-ranging survey took data from 72,206 employees in 317 UK organisations. While it is good that managers’ salaries are on the rise, discrepancy between pay and performance is even more widespread among the ranks of senior managers.

Mark Crail, content director at XpertHR, said: “Another reason so many low performers get bonuses is that there is often a culture of rewarding past glories. The biggest and most significant indicator of whether someone will get a bonus this year is whether or not they got one last year. The longer that goes on, the more people come to rely on the money and the harder it is to stop paying it.”

This can result in a ‘toxic’ working environment with complacent management and fed-up employees.

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