Agency work — more attractive than you thought?

  29th November 2010      

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘temporary work’? For many people it’s merely ‘temporary unemployment solution’, ‘time filler’ or ‘only option available’. If this sounds familiar, then the experts are asking you to adjust your opinion.

Adrian Marlowe, chairman of the Association of Recruitment Consultants, outlines the advantages of agency work as geographical flexibility, the ability to gain experience and use of a variety of skill sets. Sound good? Then read on.

If you have itchy feet or simply need to move around regularly due to your personal circumstances then temporary work could be the answer to your prayers. There is no typical length of employment for temporary work; jobs can vary from just a day or two, right through to a year or more, meaning that you can find one to suit you.

Notice periods for temporary work are usually shorter than permanent employment, consequently, if you need to move on or have issues with the work which can’t be resolved between your agency and employer, it’s fairly easy to move on to something else.  

In terms of experience, working for a variety of businesses on various projects can give you an attractive breadth of experience in a short time, and provide you with the essential ability to ‘pick up things quickly’ — something that is invaluable to employers. You’ll also find that after just a few jobs you will be able to integrate yourself into different working environments with ease and as a result, appear a more confident and competent person in the workplace.     

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about temporary employment is the existence of ‘temp to perm’ roles. Temp to perm roles work out well for both employees and employers, providing both with the option to ‘try before you buy’. Moreover, occasionally roles that start out temporary can turn into permanent roles, giving the temporary worker who is currently performing that role a good chance of gaining permanent employment.

With all of these benefits and more, temporary employment is definitely something that you should consider. Visit the dedicated ‘Temporary Division’ section of our website for details about becoming a temporary worker through Bond Williams and to apply for current vacancies.

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