Accounting & Finance: How to prepare for a Big Four interview

  16th January 2017       Claire Bond
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If you are lucky enough to have an interview at one of the Big Four you will need to be fully prepared and ready for what it takes to successfully land a job at one of the most prestigious accounting firms. However, it’s also important not to let nerves and stress affect the outcome.

Business Insider India have reported that the full interview will typically consist of two back-to-back, half-hour interviews, each with a different representative. Here’s what to expect:

“Phase 1 – Introduction (2-3 minutes)

This phase consists of personal introductions, where the interviewer will you what will take place during the interview.

Phase 2 – Employer questions (20–35 minutes)

This part entails the evaluation process, which will typically focus on your skills, abilities and other qualities for the position. the publication reports that there are usually two types of interview; one hones in on more traditional aspects such as evaluating your CVs, asking you questions where you evaluate yourself such as: “What are your strengths?”

The alternative type is the behavioural interview which hopes to extract “real life” examples with you recalling specific situations in the past.

Phase 3 – Evaluation

This is where the interviewer is likely to hone in on the competencies and qualities required for the role. The employer may ask you questions about education, relevant experience and career goals.

Phase 4 – Candidates questions (5-6 minutes)

This is the chance for you to address your concerns – but be sure not to just reel out questions for the sake of it, the questions you ask will reflect your preparation.

Phase 5 – Close (2-3 minutes)

During the final stages, the employer may ask you if they have any final questions and will outline what happens next before ending the interview.

Phase 6 – Follow-up

If you are successful, it will result in an offer of employment and an invitation to visit the office. Be sure to take notes immediately, including a summary of the points discussed during the interview and any areas that need following up.”

Going for an interview can be nerve racking, but effective preparation will make you feel and appear more confident. Read more tips on preparing for that important interview and what to do before, during and after to ensure success:

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