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Bringing you industry news, insights and advice from both our in-house team as well as accounting and finance professionals from across Dorset and Hampshire.

It’s been a year since we last published our A&F Insights magazine, but it’s back with a bang and a brand new look.

In this first issue of 2019, we look at the recruitment struggle in the sector and how to overcome challenges. We also share our own insights on the most in-demand jobs in terms of candidates available and why you should consider hiring millennials. A range of guest articles cover everything from Maxing Tax Digital, IR35 reform and leadership skills to the impact of technology, whether the role of the bookkeeper is dead and how corporate finance professionals are adding value to entrepreneurial start-ups.

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We hope you enjoy our latest issue.

A super effort and the support has been fantastic. A testament to the Bond Williams team in getting seven positions filled.

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