Accountants with cost analysis skills in demand

  2nd March 2011      
 Accounting & Finance, Company News, Recruitment

Despite the dip in recruitment across most sectors, there is some good news for accountants with good cost analysis skills according to Chris McCarthy, director at Hayes Senior Finance.

With a number of firms looking to tightening their belts, it’s important that they recruit individuals with the skills to cut costs without negatively affecting performance. McCarthy told the Recruiter,

“Analysts are in demand. I know one organisation that was making a lot of people redundant but carried on recruiting analysts. Companies want them for the commercial savings they can bring. If you are trying to cut costs and save money a good team of analysts is worth its weight in gold.”

However, this is turn means that job mobility is higher in the accountancy sector than other industries, meaning that succession planning and attrition key concerns. McCarthy explains,

“The economic climate has turned from fearful to careful. The SMEs have been picking up. Manufacturing output at Christmas was at the highest levels for a couple of years. Most organisations have sensed we have turned a corner and are looking to invest. In terms of their finance, they have been running lean operations. The focus is again on succession planning and attrition is one of the biggest concerns employers talk to us about. People are starting to move again.”

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