9 reasons to choose an IT career

  28th October 2019       Charmaine Padfield
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If the mention of computers, hubs, servers and cables brings to mind the TV sitcom The IT Crowd, do your very to push this image aside. Today’s IT team is the very heartbeat of many companies – an essential, sophisticated department brimming with talented individuals that can be classed as true business assets.

What’s more, IT is often described as a ‘future-proof’ career with one of the strongest job markets in the UK. If it’s an area you’re thinking of training in or transferring to, read on for the 9 reasons to join the new-style IT crowd.


  1. It’s a highly mobile career – once you have core IT skills and experience, the world really is your oyster. Research published in July 2019 found that 58.1% of IT professionals it questioned prioritised moving jobs – an ambition that’s possible with a growth in IT positions advertised in the UK.


  1. There is no shortage of jobs – while some industries are contracting and others face a threat from automation or AI, the IT sector is growing. In fact, a report by Tech Nation discovered 32% of companies plan to increase their IT staffing in 2019, while job market data from CV-Library found the amount of IT jobs on offer had grown by 8.6% year-on-year to August 2019.


  1. You can earn an attractive salary – IT is still a relatively niche sector with even more individual areas of specialism within, and that means salaries are relatively high. According to, the salary of an IT director has risen by 60.52% in the last 10 years, while figures from Reed suggest average IT salaries on the whole have risen 6% – from £49,896 to £53,069 – within the last year alone.


  1. You can always be ahead of the curve – there are IT developments every day and an increasing number of applications where software is crucial. As a result, exciting areas of specialism and skill are emerging all the time, leading to new roles that keep the IT industry fresh and dynamic.


  1. There are lots of areas of specialism – from app creators, programmers and oracle database administrators to web developers, security consultants and project managers, the IT field is vast and varied. It’s a great sector to get in to if you want to start off broadly and specialise as your career progresses.


  1. It’s shaping up to be a Brexit-proof industry – a survey by Dice found 78% of IT workers were confident about their career prospects in the year ahead, despite our departure from the EU. This is perhaps underpinned by a possible post-Brexit skills shortage in the IT field, which may potentially increase the number of job opportunities for UK nationals.


  1. It’s an enjoyable, satisfying career – IT roles repeatedly make ‘top 10’ lists when it comes to workplace happiness and job satisfaction. Recently the role of a data scientist made Glassdoor’s top 10 ‘best jobs for 2019’, with a high level of job satisfaction, good remuneration and a healthy number of job openings.


  1. You don’t always need a degree – if you have a good set of A levels or the equivalent, and are a fast learner, it’s possible to enter the IT sector without a degree at a junior level. Apprenticeships are also becoming increasingly popular but the overriding requirement is to show you’re keeping up with emerging IT trends and display a willingness to constantly evolve at the same pace as IT developments.


  1. You can work on a permanent or contract basis – IT is one of the industries that suits contract working best, since many requirements are on a project basis. Contracts can last as little as six weeks or form the best part of three years, with hourly and day rates offered alongside fixed salaries. Of course, the demand for IT skills means there are always permanent roles on offer too.

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