5 office stationery must-haves with a twist

  29th April 2019       Kerri Bolton
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The British are almost as obsessed with stationery as they are with home ownership! Even if it’s been years since you felt that ‘back to school’ buzz when the time came to get your new pencil case and accessories, our love for stationery has followed many of us into adulthood.

In the digital age, most of what we do and how we communicate is electronic, and it’s already having a negative impact on children’s handwriting ability. With National Stationery Week starting today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the nation’s favourite stationery supplies – and there’s not a computer in sight!

You can forget the everyday essentials like a hole punch and stapler– they’re seldom needed in largely paperless office environments. Instead we’re looking at traditional stationery items with a twist that will be a useful addition to any office desk space!

Pen cutlery

For the days when you’re prepared enough to take your own lunch to work, but too late to take advantage of the limited cutlery supply in the office – if there even is one! These biros have lids that double up as cutlery. Currently only available in the US though!

Whiteboard clock

If you’re a to-do list lover, then this whiteboard clock will really help with your daily time-management skills and maximise your chances of crossing tasks off your list!

Desk calendar with storage pockets

Whether you’re working out the days until your next holiday or scheduling a project calendar, it’s not always easy to access your email system Gmail calendar. A standing desk calendar is essential no matter what line of work you’re in, and this one comes with handy pockets for your monthly expenses receipts or even invitations.

Waterproof notepad

Particularly useful for those prone to knocking their full cup of coffee all over their desk, this waterproof notepad is genius. You can also make notes while in the shower or walking in the rain!

Multifunctional desk pad

Desk pad

Desk pad

This felt desk pad will not only completely organise your entire desk, but it’s also portable – perfect for a mobile workforce who needs to grab everything in a hurry and rush to the next meeting. It’s a mouse matt, paper organiser and pen holder all in one and folds in half to carry your laptop securely.

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