4 reasons to consider temporary work

  4th October 2018       Suzanne Sherriff MIRP
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If you have itchy feet or simply need to move around regularly due to your personal circumstances, then temporary work could be the answer to your prayers. There is no typical length of employment for temporary work; jobs can vary from just one or two days, right through to a year or more, meaning that you can find a role to suit you.


Whether you’re in between jobs, taking a break from studies or just want to try something new, and fast, temporary roles can offer immediate starts. At first, it may not be your ideal position or in the sector you’d prefer to work in, but it’s a great way of earning some money while you consider your next steps.

Build on your experience

Working for a variety of businesses in various industries and on a range of projects can give you an attractive breadth of experience in a short time, and provide you with the essential ability to ‘pick things up quickly’ — something that is invaluable to employers. You’ll also find that after just a few temporary placements, you will be able to integrate yourself into different working environments with ease and as a result, appear a more confident and competent person in the workplace.

Try something new

If you’re someone who gets bored easily or want to try your hand at different roles, short-term placements can offer you variety. In addition, notice periods for temporary work are usually shorter than permanent employment, so if you want or need to move, it’s fairly easy to do so. Remember, however, that you won’t want to get a reputation of letting employers or recruitment agencies down on a regular basis or you’ll position yourself as unreliable.

Make it permanent

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about temporary employment is the rising trend of ‘temp to perm’ roles. Temp to perm roles work out well for both employees and employers, providing both with the option to ‘try before you buy’. It’s not always the case, nor is it necessarily advertised as such, but if you’re ideally looking for permanent work but nothing catches your eye at the moment, don’t disregard temporary roles and ask the recruiter about whether there’s a chance the employer will make the role permanent.

With all of these benefits and more, temporary employment is definitely something that you should consider.

You can see all of the latest temporary jobs in Bournemouth and surrounding areas and details about becoming a temporary worker through Bond Williams on our website. Alternatively, contact Suzanne Sherriff or Charlotte Harris on 01202 233777 to discuss our current opportunities.

Suzanne Sherriff MIRP

Associate Director

Suzanne leads a team dealing with temporary jobs. Having started her recruitment career in 2005, she has over a decade of recruitment experience. Suzanne works across all of the agency’s core industries on temporary, contract and interim roles. She places a big emphasis on delivery and accountability and never gives …

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