Salary negotiations – how low dare you go?


Salary negotiations – how low dare you go?

Salary negotiations – how low dare you go?

19th December 2019Laura Webb

Whether your company offers a pool table, beer on tap, a benefits package or a generous holiday allowance, candidates will still be motivated by the salary on offer. There is,… Read more »

Candidate shortage still biggest challenge for local businesses in 2020

Businesses across Dorset, Hampshire and Oxford have revealed that their biggest recruitment challenge for 2020 is the shortage of suitable candidates. The survey by Bond Williams Professional Recruitment is in… Read more »

17th December 2019Laura Webb

Office buzzwords we loathe, love and need to know

We’re all guilty of using those meaningless, jargon-infused phrases at work, or at least we find ourselves on the receiving end of them now and again. As we’re currently in… Read more »

30th December 2019Laura Webb

No degree? No problem

A university education is no longer reserved for the elite, but also not a guarantee of a well-paid job at the end of it either. There’s also a debate about whether… Read more »

11th December 2019Laura Webb

Auditing: the stepping stone to CEO status?

How lofty are your career ambitions? If you’re aiming for the top, it might interest you to know that an accounts background will hold you in good stead. Figures from… Read more »

4th December 2019Laura Webb

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Peter Knibbs

Sporty with a musical flair – just two of the things we were able to find out about Peter, Recruitment Manager for our Oxford office, in this quick Q&A. Give… Read more »

24th December 2019Laura Webb

Bond Williams Staff Spotlight – Hannah Hashtroudi

Ever wondered about the people behind the photos? Here, we chat to Hannah Hashtroudi (formerly Darby), Principal Recruitment Consultant, to find out more about her. Give a potted history of… Read more »

3rd December 2019Laura Webb

Accountability in the workplace – a lost cause or a real opportunity?

There’s a broken thermostat in your boardroom; you’ve come across a new and cheaper option for video conferencing; a small accident hasn’t been logged in the accident book because it’s… Read more »

9th December 2019Laura Webb

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