Bond Williams’ Southampton branch continues to expand


Bond Williams’ Southampton branch continues to expand

Bond Williams’ Southampton branch continues to expand

29th November 2019Laura Webb

Bond Williams Professional Recruitment has welcomed another consultant to its Southampton team. Samantha Bennett joins Business Manager, Lisa Orchard, at the Ocean Village Innovation Centre, bringing with her a further… Read more »

Slouchy jeans or slick suit: does your dress code compromise productivity?

Sir Richard Branson hates ties. Steve Jobs favoured black roll neck sweaters. Lord Alan Sugar wouldn’t be seen in anything but a suit. Even the most successful business people have… Read more »

26th November 2019Laura Webb

Don’t delay the recruitment process

No employer wants to make a recruitment mistake as there are well-documented costs attached to hiring the wrong person but taking an agonisingly long time to advertise, interview and make… Read more »

21st November 2019Laura Webb

In-house accounts add up

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Many company owners have tried to balance their own books only to discover it needs more time, skill… Read more »

19th November 2019Laura Webb

8 ways to manage meetings

Meetings are one of productivity’s biggest killers, zapping time and taking people away from core tasks. Preparing for meetings, having meetings about meetings, attending the ‘big’ meeting and debriefing about… Read more »

13th November 2019Laura Webb

How to avoid the legal pitfalls of redundancy

It is not just the troubled High Street where the threat of redundancy looms large: the technology revolution puts many jobs in many sectors at risk. According to analysts at… Read more »

27th November 2019Laura Webb

Social media risks for employees and employers

A whopping 67% of the UK population use social media for an average of just under two hours per day, and despite its increasing ‘official’ use for work purposes, there… Read more »

11th November 2019Laura Webb

The science behind stress

There is no question that mental health in the workplace is one of the most spoken about subjects in the in the media right now and hundreds, if not thousands,… Read more »

6th November 2019Laura Webb

The trouble with change in the workplace

Dealing with resistance to change in the workplace can be costly and time-consuming. We all feel and react very differently when faced with change and without addressing this resistance, results… Read more »

4th November 2019Laura Webb

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