Welcome aboard

How to ensure your new hire lasts the distance

Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard

24th November 2017Laura Webb

Whilst employment and retention is vitally important to the recruitment process, finding the best candidate and signing the contract is only the beginning. It’s simply not enough for our new… Read more »

Matching the right CV to your job role

Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and… Read more »

22nd November 2017Laura Webb

Generalist or specialist?

One of the reasons that a career in HR is so attractive is that you get such a vast insight into all areas of business. Each organisation is different, however… Read more »

2nd November 2017Laura Webb

Bond Williams in Partnership with Frettens Solicitors help clients get GDPR ready

This morning saw our most popular event yet, as over 100 HR professionals attended a Bond Williams Professional Recruitment specialist talk: “Helping Clients to be GDPR-ready” in partnership with Frettens… Read more »

28th November 2017Laura Webb

More than one third of employees have left a job because of the stress

A recent survey conducted by Citation* has revealed that more than one third (36%) of the working population have left a job because of the stress it caused them. Troublingly,… Read more »

7th November 2017Laura Webb

Four jobs to consider if you’re a ‘people person’

  Most people believe that being a ‘people person’ simply means to be friendly and outgoing. This is often a trait, but a people person is also someone who is… Read more »

10th November 2017Laura Webb

Only 1 in 5 British workers see AI as a threat to their job

  Study finds more men than women have a positive outlook on automation, believing it will reduce errors in the workplace. A recent survey released this week by TalkTalk Business… Read more »

Laura Webb

Report on Jobs: Permanent Placements rise at quickest rate since May

Permanent placements on the rise The amount of candidates placed into permanent positions in the capital increased in October, following a marginal reduction at the end of the third quarter… Read more »

13th November 2017Laura Webb

Why December Job-seeking will give you the edge

If you are searching for a new role this time of year, don’t put it on hold for the festivities. In fact there are many reasons why job-hunting in December… Read more »

14th November 2017Laura Webb

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