REC April jobs report shows surge in temp billings


REC April jobs report shows surge in temp billings

REC April jobs report shows surge in temp billings

11th May 2016Laura Webb

Temporary billings are rising at the strongest rate for a year according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) Report on Jobs. Candidate availability has fallen, but the rate of… Read more »

Career ambitions rated more important than work friendships in new report

87.3% of employees put their career ambition ahead of workplace friendships according to a recent study from CV-Library. The research suggests that the extent of the UK’s career ambition makes… Read more »

12th May 2016Laura Webb

Oakhaven Hospice Colour Run: Bond Williams supports local charity

  Sunday 15th May saw more than 1,000 runners gather at Brockenhurst College for the annual Oakhaven Hospice Colour run. For the second year running, Bond Williams were proud sponsors… Read more »

16th May 2016Laura Webb

CV checklist – what to look for when screening applications

Whilst it is great to receive a large number of applications for your vacancy it can be both time consuming and resource heavy to sort through the applications thoroughly and… Read more »

17th May 2016Laura Webb

5 Jobs for Highly Motivated People

  Everyone has a passion, something that drives them to succeed in everyday life. For some, they need to learn to find it. For others, the drive comes naturally and… Read more »

18th May 2016Laura Webb

How does your recruitment process reflect on your brand?

  With branding and the customer experience being at the forefront of most companies’ minds, the candidate experience can often be overlooked when recruiting. It is vital that you assess… Read more »

19th May 2016Laura Webb

Careers in HR – What’s the right role for you?

  One of the reasons that a career in HR is so attractive is that you get such a vast insight into all areas of business. Each organisation is different,… Read more »

24th May 2016Laura Webb

Generation X & Generation Y – What does it mean?

  Traditional methods of motivating employees and increasing productivity at work are ever-evolving and there is no one-size-fits-all approach in dealing with the modern day workplace, namely the newest generation… Read more »

26th May 2016Laura Webb

Western workers: Happier and more productive that the East

Employees in Western countries consider themselves to be happier in their jobs, more loyal to their employers and more productive while at work compared to their equivalents in Eastern markets,… Read more »

27th May 2016Laura Webb

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