Many temp workers ‘earn more than permanent workers in similar positions’


Many temp workers ‘earn more than permanent workers in similar positions’

Many temp workers ‘earn more than permanent workers in similar positions’

2nd March 2015Bond Williams

Call Suzie Sherriff on 01202 233777 for flexible help covering heavy workloads, absence, holiday or sickness Temporary positions are in demand by candidates AND clients! And no wonder… new figures… Read more »

Childcare scandal: why many mothers believe it ‘does not pay to work’

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor   Click here to join our HR group on LinkedIn to discuss employment issues You’d think that with so many options available to parents who… Read more »

9th March 2015Bond Williams

Supporting Oakhaven Hospice Trust by taking part in a sponsored Colour Run

Donate to the Bond Williams Professional Recruitment team safely and securely via JustGiving Bond Williams Professional Recruitment is proud to be supporting Oakhaven Hospice Trust by taking part in their… Read more »

12th March 2015Bond Williams

Free seminar: Wellbeing at work

Staff wellbeing and employee engagement go hand in hand. And later on this year, the UK’s biggest firms will be ranked according to how well they measure it. Business in… Read more »

13th March 2015Bond Williams

Job interview blunders – what we advise our candidates NOT to do!

Clear here to read more interview tips on the Bond Williams main website Chewing gum, answering your mobile phone, wearing jeans, slouching in your chair – a recent piece in… Read more »

16th March 2015Bond Williams

How much is the minimum wage? 3% rise announced

By Suzi Dixon Community Editor Follow us on Twitter to discuss the latest employment news Britain’s minimum wage will rise to £6.70 per hour later this year, the biggest real-terms… Read more »

17th March 2015Bond Williams

Budget 2015: what is means for Dorset and Hampshire businesses and individuals

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor George Osborne claims Britain was “walking tall again” as he sets out his final Budget before the election. There are various measure that will affect… Read more »

18th March 2015Bond Williams

What are the top 25 jobs in the UK?

If you work in marketing, sales, finance, even HR, you are in one of the 25 best jobs in the UK according to a new survey from Glassdoor. We specialise… Read more »

24th March 2015Bond Williams

Candidates asked for video applications for top accountancy firm

By Suzi Dixon, Community Editor The war for talent is hotting up and using new technology to find the best candidates. KPMG says that 10,000 graduates are expected to apply… Read more »

25th March 2015Bond Williams

Drug driving: the law

Did you know that it’s against the law to drive if you are unfit to do so through illegal AND legal drugs? Illegal drugs in your blood is of course… Read more »

27th March 2015Bond Williams

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