‘Age warfare’, the new threat to workforce productivity


‘Age warfare’, the new threat to workforce productivity

‘Age warfare’, the new threat to workforce productivity

2nd July 2013Bond Williams

CIPD Research reveals growing tension between the generations Employers will have to deal with growing generational tension in the workplace as younger workers believe older colleagues are blocking their career… Read more »

Tax breaks for all entering into employee-owned companies

John Lewis is a beckon of fair employment conditions with its cleverly executed employee-owned business model. It is this ingenious and forward thinking idea that business secretary Vince Cable intends… Read more »

5th July 2013Bond Williams

Being competitive and strategic for graduate success

If you are a graduate and fancy a career start in Engineering, energy or telecommunications then you are in luck and have chosen wisely. Graduate recruitment has shown a massive… Read more »

10th July 2013Bond Williams

Tweet-activated vending machine clinches ‘Grand Prix’ Award at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards

The winners of the 2013 CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards (RMAs), in association with People Management magazine, were announced last night at a lavish black tie event at The Brewery in… Read more »

12th July 2013Bond Williams

Labour market statistics suggest a modest but continued growth in the labour market

The number of people unemployed fell by 57,000, in the three months to the end of May however new OECD report also suggests unemployment will remain high in the UK… Read more »

17th July 2013Bond Williams

The world’s changing faster than work is

A number of “Megatrends” over the last century have changed the world of work beyond recognition, according to a new report. However, the question remains whether businesses are sufficiently aware… Read more »

19th July 2013Bond Williams

From entrepreneurial edge to intrapreneurial spirit

People management secrets behind entrepreneurial success The UK’s economic growth could be boosted if large firms adopted the entrepreneurial spirit that drives so much value in start-ups and small firms…. Read more »

22nd July 2013Bond Williams

Retail sector sees a sharp growth increase in Q2

The retail sector is buzzing according the latest statistics showing a healthy 3.7% growth in the employment within this area during Q2. This is mirrored by the recent buoyant UK… Read more »

26th July 2013Bond Williams

Catalyst for change may be needed but regulation alone will not improve corporate culture

As MPs urge the Government to pick up the “regulatory stick” to drive forward City reforms on corporate governance, the CIPD shares concerns that proposals made by John Kay last… Read more »

31st July 2013Bond Williams

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