2012's 'jobs enigma' offers few clues to 2013 employment trends


2012's 'jobs enigma' offers few clues to 2013 employment trends

2012's 'jobs enigma' offers few clues to 2013 employment trends

3rd January 2013Bond Williams

… The ‘jobs enigma’ of 2012, which has seen fluctuating and overall muted economic growth figures accompanied by strong private sector jobs creation is explained by a mixture of factors,… Read more »

Employee engagement can and should be used to drive growth, according to CIPD

CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop, 29-30 January 2013, hosted in partnership with Hay Group Insight The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Hay Group Insight are calling… Read more »

7th January 2013Bond Williams

Business leaders want HR Business Partners who are not afraid to challenge them

CIPD HR Business Partner Conference, 13-14 February 2013, London HR needs to increase its visibility and have the courage to effectively challenge business decisions, according to a survey of business… Read more »

11th January 2013Bond Williams

Experience Counts

14th January 2013Bond Williams

CIPD Update: Winners and losers

Winners and losers debate misses point, says CIPD; the simplicity and clarity of the flat-rate pension will encourage more workers to save for their retirement In response to the Pensions… Read more »

15th January 2013Bond Williams

CIPD Update: Majority of public sector employees have reservations about performance related pay

CIPD research finds gulf between public and private sector staff on what factors should drive salary increases Efforts to reform public services will be undermined unless public sector employees recognise… Read more »

17th January 2013Bond Williams

CIPD welcomes Government's commitment to reducing long term sickness absence

Government response to Independent Sickness Absence Review reveals plans to provide state-funded occupational health advice to employers The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has today welcomed the Government’s… Read more »

21st January 2013Bond Williams

Fall in unemployment confusing economists

Heart-warming statistics were announced yesterday when the UK unemployment figures showed a repeated downward slide.This means that unemployment is at a two year low with 7.7% of the UK workforce… Read more »

24th January 2013Bond Williams

2013 good news for graduates

For most youngsters with a professional career in mind, university is a necessity to get on to the proverbial employment ladder.Encouraging news has come in the form of the latest… Read more »

28th January 2013Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Dismissals involving accumulated warnings

When considering the fairness of a dismissal based on accumulated disciplinary warnings, may a tribunal look behind earlier warnings? No, says the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) in Wincanton Group v… Read more »

31st January 2013Bond Williams

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