Gender Pay Gap exceeds £400,000


Gender Pay Gap exceeds £400,000

Gender Pay Gap exceeds £400,000

9th November 2012Bond Williams

New figures released earlier this week, by the Chartered Management Institute (CIM), revealed that the average female executive can expect to earn around £400,000 less in her lifetime then her… Read more »

Getting ahead with a new job for the New Year

The recruitment market can be a very competitive one and finding that perfect job, can be pretty exhausting. However towards the end of the year as minds drift from the… Read more »

14th November 2012Bond Williams

CIPD Update: Employment outlook remains positive for the rest of the year

Employment is forecast to grow steadily throughout the rest of 2012 according to the latest CIPD Labour Market Outlook report, released today.  Net employment intentions – the difference between the… Read more »

15th November 2012Bond Williams

Workers at risk of burn-out

New research suggests that one in three workers is at risk of work induced burn-out. According to a survey, carried out by HR consultants Towers Watson, workers are facing longer… Read more »

20th November 2012Bond Williams

Are you the next James Bond?

A recruitment drive for future English spies is being stepped up by the secret service. Wannabe James Bond’s are being hunted down with 100 positions available to A level graduates…. Read more »

27th November 2012Bond Williams

Government Work Programme fails to reach its target

… The Government’s Work Programme, launched in June 2011, pays charities and firms who help the long-term unemployed to find jobs. Figures released earlier this week show that the Programme… Read more »

29th November 2012Bond Williams

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