Absenteeism falls. Cause for celebration?


Absenteeism falls. Cause for celebration?

Absenteeism falls. Cause for celebration?

7th September 2012Bond Williams

According to new Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures absenteeism levels are plummeting, down from seven days to just four per employee. It’s something that HR professionals have been aiming… Read more »

Reaming in the red tape

The government plans to make life easier for many of the UK’s smaller businesses with a radical move to cut red tape and regulations. This will include a change to… Read more »

10th September 2012Bond Williams

The days of sheep-dip leadership and management training are over, claims CIPD

New research reveals the need for a new breed of leadership, which requires development programmes aligned with corporate culture, values and priorities A new type of leadership is needed in… Read more »

14th September 2012Bond Williams

Employers need more encouragement and support to take on young people and reverse the youth unemployment trend, warns CIPD

… New report on the business case for investing in young people shows that businesses need young people as much as young people need jobs. Six in ten employers don’t… Read more »

19th September 2012Bond Williams

Bond Williams Analysis of the latest ONS Labour Market Report – September 2012

Key points: –    The increase in the employment level and rate for the South West are the highest since current regional figures started in 1992. –    SW Region shows the… Read more »

26th September 2012Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Deadline for agreement on reform of Working Time Directive extended

The European Commission has agreed to extend the period for EU countries to agree on reform of the EU Working Time Directive to 31 December 2012. Negotiations had begun in… Read more »

27th September 2012Bond Williams

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