ACAS Update: How employers can win at the Olympics


ACAS Update: How employers can win at the Olympics

ACAS Update: How employers can win at the Olympics

5th July 2012Bond Williams

With Olympic organisers predicting one million extra Games-related journeys into the capital this summer, workplace experts Acas have issued advice for employers on how to minimise the disruption to their… Read more »

Disabled jobseekers to be given Government assistance

… The Government has pledged that young disabled job seekers, on work experience, will be able to access extra support to help them into mainstream placements. As seen in today’s… Read more »

6th July 2012Bond Williams

Government Work Programme — “a success”

Described by Chris Grayling as a “giant employment dating service”, the Government have released the first set of figures for their Work Programme and hailed it as a success; but… Read more »

13th July 2012Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Effective date of termination

Is a tribunal entitled to take into account an otherwise unsuccessful internal appeal that purports to change the effective date of termination (EDT)? Yes,says the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) in… Read more »

17th July 2012Bond Williams

Are the Olympics responsible for this unlikely decrease in unemployment?

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of unemployed people fell by 65,000 to 2.58 million in the three months to May — with unemployment amongst young people… Read more »

18th July 2012Bond Williams

Corporate Scandals are damaging productivity

The latest quarterly Employee Outlook survey released by CIPD yesterday, shows that corporate scandals are eroding trust in senior leaders and will have a damaging impact in employee engagement. The… Read more »

26th July 2012Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Q&A For new and expectant mothers — what is the risk?

This Q&A takes a look at some of the obligations employers face when assessing workplace health and safety risks for new and expectant mothers. Q: When do the obligations kick… Read more »

30th July 2012Bond Williams

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