ICT Companies Growing Fast


ICT Companies Growing Fast

ICT Companies Growing Fast

4th April 2012Bond Williams

In a recent list highlighting the top 100 fastest growing private companies in the UK, ICT companies made up the largest group. This indicates the importance of spending in IT… Read more »

Prepare for the War for Talent

The ‘war for talent’ is returning and it is important that your organisation is fully prepared before the intense competition begins. A great definition of the ‘war for talent’ phenomena… Read more »

5th April 2012Bond Williams

Should You Delete Your Facebook Page Before An Interview?

****** ****** When preparing for an interview most people are thinking about what to wear, and say… But should you be thinking about temporarily deleting your Facebook? Or removing drunken… Read more »

11th April 2012Bond Williams

IT Recruits- Wanted!

A recent survey carried out by an online jobsite indicates an increase in job advertising in the UK, with most significant growth in the IT sector. The findings reveal an… Read more »

16th April 2012Bond Williams

LinkedIn to replace CV’s?

LinkedIn is already a popular recruitment tool and active recruiters can easily browse hundreds of potential candidates to find the best passive applicants and identify them. A LinkedIn profile gives… Read more »

24th April 2012Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Employment Law Q & A — Olympic Games; managing HR issues

The Olympic and then Paralympic Games run from 27 July to 9 September 2012. The number of employees expected to want to attend and/or watch at least some of the… Read more »

30th April 2012Bond Williams

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