Nick Clegg says don’t use regulation ‘bogey-man’ to excuse weak leadership and management


Nick Clegg says don’t use regulation ‘bogey-man’ to excuse weak leadership and management

Nick Clegg says don’t use regulation ‘bogey-man’ to excuse weak leadership and management

8th November 2011Bond Williams

In a speech made by the Deputy Prime Minister at the end of last week on red-tape and regulation, a call was made for more rational and realistic debate on… Read more »

People leaving jobs reaches 13-year low

The number of people leaving their primary occupation between April and June this year was 674,000, or around 2.4% of the UK workforce, a drop of 42% from the peak… Read more »

10th November 2011Bond Williams

Frettens Update – Q & A – Managing staff without a default retirement age

The statutory default retirement age of 65 has now disappeared from our workplaces. Save for those few employers who have elected to objectively justify a retirement age, compulsory retirement at… Read more »

11th November 2011Bond Williams

Entries now open for the Opportunity Now Excellence in Practice Awards

The Opportunity Now Awards recognise the advancement of women in the workplace through a celebration of outstanding examples of best practice, innovation and individual achievement. The Chartered Institute of Personnel… Read more »

14th November 2011Bond Williams

CIPD Update: Is the UK jobs market less dynamic than in the past?

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)’s Annual Conference and Exhibition, Dr John Philpott, Chief Economic Adviser at the CIPD, commented as follows on figures published earlier… Read more »

16th November 2011Bond Williams

A couple of quick HR Q & A's

Q Does an employee have a right to take time off if their childminding arrangements break down? A The legal right is to reasonable “time off for dependants”, which can… Read more »

Bond Williams

Office Party No-Nos

With the festive season rapidly approaching, companies are organising office parties to round off the year with a social event which is great for employee morale. Work parties are a… Read more »

18th November 2011Bond Williams

Long-term sickness and absence from work — The Report

Yesterday saw the conclusion to research been carried out about how the long-term sick and general absence from work is effecting the UK and the changes it is likely to… Read more »

22nd November 2011Bond Williams

New employment rules for small firms could allow firing without explanation

Business Secretary Vince Cable is contemplating new rules this morning meaning that firms with 10 or fewer employees would be able to sack staff without a risk of a tribunal… Read more »

23rd November 2011Bond Williams

Don't sack the slackers, help drive skills growth

The government must address poor productivity by helping employers develop and nurture greater ‘skills for growth’, not scrapping unfair dismissal rights, says the CIPD. A new Work Horizons report issued… Read more »

28th November 2011Bond Williams

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