Employers must prepare for changes in pension regulations


Employers must prepare for changes in pension regulations

Employers must prepare for changes in pension regulations

2nd August 2011Bond Williams

The law surrounding pensions in the UK is set to change from 2012. From this time, employers must provide a ‘qualifying’ workplace pension on which employees will be automatically enrolled… Read more »

Red tape costs small firms billions

Small companies are spending a fortune in order to comply with business regulations — a collective £16 billion a year, recent research shows. The research, conducted by the Forum of… Read more »

3rd August 2011Bond Williams

Will the gender pay gap ever disappear?

A recent survey has revealed that the average pay difference between male and female’s is a staggering 18.5%. Following the Great British Salary Survey the outcome has led to thinking… Read more »

8th August 2011Bond Williams

New ‘exceptional talent’ permit won’t help UK skills shortages

A new work permit for those with ‘exceptional talent’ was introduced earlier this week. According to an employment lawyer, though, the new category will not do much to help with… Read more »

12th August 2011Bond Williams

CIPD Update: Quarterly CIPD/KPMG survey on the labour market forecasts jobs contraction, with stark sectoral and regional differences

  The employment recovery is set to slow sharply, according to this summer’s Labour Market Outlook survey of over 1,000 employers from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)… Read more »

16th August 2011Bond Williams

It’s not easy being green for small businesses

A recent survey by the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has found that, while small businesses believe that environmentally-friendly policies can improve profits, tax and regulations hinder their efforts to… Read more »

18th August 2011Bond Williams

Riding the wave of uncertainty

  With the economy still in unsafe waters and riding a wave of uncertainty it has been proved that recruitment decisions are still up in the air. Agencies are finding… Read more »

23rd August 2011Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Employment Law Q & A – Agency Worker Regulations

This month’s Q&A focuses on the key points of the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (“the Regulations”), which are due to come into effect on 1 October 2011. Q  In brief,… Read more »

25th August 2011Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Inadvertent conversation about sexual orientation was not discriminatory

The Court of Appeal has decided, in Grant v HM Land Registry, that an idle conversation about someone being gay, when he had already made it public, will not, without… Read more »

Bond Williams

Frettens Update: Payment for overtime

The Court of Appeal (“CA”) has handed down its decision in Driver v Air India Ltd holding that where a contractual payment is not specified the law implies a reasonable… Read more »

Bond Williams

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