Accountants with cost analysis skills in demand


Accountants with cost analysis skills in demand

Accountants with cost analysis skills in demand

2nd March 2011Bond Williams

Despite the dip in recruitment across most sectors, there is some good news for accountants with good cost analysis skills according to Chris McCarthy, director at Hayes Senior Finance. With… Read more »

Employers state an increase in demand for migrant workers

A report concluded from a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that one in five employers plan to recruit migrant workers in the first… Read more »

7th March 2011Bond Williams

Staff retention Vs Cuts

International Recruitment is looking up, according to reports from a survey conducted by Antal recruitment agency. The survey that questioned over 14,400 international companies, found that despite the fact recruitment… Read more »

10th March 2011Bond Williams

HR demand for psychology experts!

As businesses are beginning to start their development and expansion process, it is essential for HR to effectively manage their workforce to gain maximum output. According to David Mason, International… Read more »

14th March 2011Bond Williams

IT candidates advised to buff up on their CV's!

A CV is one of the most important documents of an IT professional’s life. Yet research conducted by has made it apparent that a large number of IT professionals… Read more »

17th March 2011Bond Williams

Reforming public sector pay!

There has been a strong, positive and supportive reaction to Will Hutton’s recent report on fair pay, suggesting the need for greater use of performance related pay in the public… Read more »

21st March 2011Bond Williams

Youth Unemployment – is it really that bad?

Recently there has been a large focus upon the lost generation of 16-24 year olds struggling with a toxic combination of a lack of jobs and cuts to education spending…. Read more »

22nd March 2011Bond Williams

Royal Wedding Bank Holiday – For better or for worse?

It is official; the Government have agreed that the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be marked as a public holiday. The date of the Royal Wedding and… Read more »

Bond Williams

Mixed reaction in official job figures

There has been diverse reaction to the Official labour market statistics published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics. The mixed picture of the UK labour market offers room for… Read more »

24th March 2011Bond Williams

Boost in employers recruitment confidence

The REC March JobsOutlook has emphasised a boost in the confidence of employer’s recruitment intentions for 2011. This rise in confidence has been seen across both short and long-term hiring… Read more »

25th March 2011Bond Williams

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