Employers to be fined 50% of award if they lose employment tribunals


Employers to be fined 50% of award if they lose employment tribunals

Employers to be fined 50% of award if they lose employment tribunals

3rd February 2011Bond Williams

Despite recent claims that the coalition is easing the burden on small businesses in order to promote business growth, the Government’s new consultation, Resolving Workplace Disputes, has introduced a proposal… Read more »

You’re Hired — National Apprenticeship Week

Today is the start of National Apprenticeship Week, when both employers and students are encouraged to consider apprenticeships. The idea of National Apprenticeship Week is to highlight the talents and… Read more »

7th February 2011Bond Williams

IT professionals in high demand — thanks to banks and insurers

It’s always nice to hear recruitment is on the up and thanks to the banking and insurance industries IT professionals are in high demand, according to James Smith, Director of… Read more »

14th February 2011Bond Williams

Redundancies on the up!

Redundancies are set to increase “sharply” in the next few months, according to this quarter’s Labour Market Outlook net employment index from the CIPD and KPMG — A survey of… Read more »

16th February 2011Bond Williams

Work visa reforms to be made effective in April

    The government has announced new work visa rules as part of the introduction of an annual limit on non-EU workers. The changes, effective on 6 April, will make… Read more »

17th February 2011Bond Williams

Sickness absence review launched

Government figures have revealed that working age sickness sees over 300,000 people leaving employment annually to claim sickness benefits, at a cost of £100 billion every year. In response to… Read more »

21st February 2011Bond Williams

Review on workplace rights compliance and enforcement

The Government is taking a direct role in ensuring that business complies with basic employment rights and related protections. In doing so, Employment Relations Minister Edward Davey, has announced intentions… Read more »

Bond Williams

Relationship building between HR and Recruitment Agencies

In this current climate identifying talent and individuals with appropriate skills and relevant experience is essential for employers therefore a productive partnership between recruitment agencies and HR is beneficial. The… Read more »

28th February 2011Bond Williams

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