HR employees benefit packages


HR employees benefit packages

HR employees benefit packages

1st November 2010Bond Williams

The private sector may be on the lookout for HR expertise however with the private sector increasing the number of HR employees; will current employed HR professionals move to competitors… Read more »

UK Wants to Work Past Retirement

A topic of conversation which currently has a number of people a little hot under the collar is the default retirement age. The coalition government is planning on scrapping the default… Read more »

2nd November 2010Bond Williams

REC highlights the importance of effective agency/HR relationships

The Legal & HR group from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) recently held a round table in order to analyse the relationship between agencies and HR Professionals. The day… Read more »

12th November 2010Bond Williams

CIPD reveals it’s not all bad…yet

Despite wide spread fears of a ‘scrooge’ Christmas for many due to rising unemployment, the CIPD’s autumn Labour Market Outlook survey predicts that private-sector job creation will more than offset… Read more »

16th November 2010Bond Williams

Increase in jobs and pay in the financial sector

The beginning of the recession in 2008 caused many individuals in the financial sector concern that the financial sector would dramatically struggle or be incapable to rebuild itself after many… Read more »

22nd November 2010Bond Williams

Languages improve job prospects

The language diversity of Great Britain, reflecting our colonial history and continued global economic power means UK businesses are continuously trading and communicating with those of a foreign language.   The… Read more »

25th November 2010Bond Williams

Agency work — more attractive than you thought?

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘temporary work’? For many people it’s merely ‘temporary unemployment solution’, ‘time filler’ or ‘only option available’. If this sounds familiar,… Read more »

29th November 2010Bond Williams

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