Interview with Bond Williams directors Claire & Rob Bond


Interview with Bond Williams directors Claire & Rob Bond

Interview with Bond Williams directors Claire & Rob Bond

8th October 2010Bond Williams

                “Knowing that we are genuinely helping people find great jobs and also helping companies we work with find excellent, well matched staff”… Read more »

Dont discourage the use of social media; use it to your advantage

The use of Social Media in business as a PR and marketing tool to create a competitive edge, is gaining in popularity.  71% of businesses in Europe hold a twitter… Read more »

11th October 2010Bond Williams

Recruitment agencies; super agency or a select group of specialists?

The new government foresees recruitment gearing up in the private sector to pick up the slack in the public sector; the question is how to keep recruiting costs low when… Read more »

20th October 2010Bond Williams

Bond Williams Helping to Build Relationships

Thursday 21 October not only saw the first of the winter frosts but also the latest in a series of seminars organised by Bond Williams for the benefit of local HR Professionals…. Read more »

25th October 2010Bond Williams

Bond Williams Temporary Worker Special Offer!

We know that the first hour of any new job, especially a temporary role, is mainly spent training and getting to know the company processes ensuring the temporary worker is… Read more »

26th October 2010Bond Williams

Employee tribunals: Do you have the evidence?

HR professionals and managers need to recognise and understand how their organisation works and the legal structure within it.  This includes bearing in mind how an employee tribunal would analyse… Read more »

4th October 2010Bond Williams

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