Employment Law changes


Employment Law changes

Employment Law changes

24th September 2010Orbital Design

Employment Law Changes National Minimum Wage The national minimum wage is expected to increase as of the 1st October 2010 to £5.93 for workers aged 21+ (and not 22 as… Read more »

Mini ‘boom’ experienced in the private sector job market, but for how long?

The Chief Economic Advisor at the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), Dr John Philptt, remarks on the official labour Statistics printed last week by the Office for National Statistics… Read more »

21st September 2010Orbital Design

A sudden introduction of a cap on net migration would lead to a UK skills crisis, comments CIPD in relation to quarterly migration figures.

The drastic decline in the amount of work visas over the last 12 months adds further support the current points-based system is effective, states The Charted Institute of Personnel and… Read more »

2nd September 2010Bond Williams

New Bond Girls!

  Bond Williams, the Bournemouth-based independent professional recruitment agency is pleased to announce the arrival of two new members of staff to join its growing team.   Suzanne Sherriff has been… Read more »

Bond Williams

More employers are believed to be poorly prepared to manage risks around rewarding staff

A survey of CIPD members found an increase in the proportion of HR professionals who believe that their organisation or client struggle to manage the risks surrounding how they reward… Read more »

3rd September 2010Bond Williams

Quarterly CIPD / KPMG Labour Market Outlook survey stress the problems employers have in recruiting UK talent in line with the enhancement of the UK economy.

The recent attention on skills, migration and off shoring in the CIPD/ KPMG Labour Market Outlook report reveals that the call for migrant workers has risen in line with enhancements… Read more »

7th September 2010Bond Williams

The solution for getting employees back to work after long term sickness absence, is down to their Managers behaviour, reports the new guidance from BOHRF, CIPD, Healthy Working Lives and the HSE

Recent guildance was launched last month with the intention of supporting managers who assist those returning to work after suffering from long term illnesses. It is thought that this can… Read more »

8th September 2010Bond Williams

Graduates pull out all the stops in order to secure jobs

With 69 graduates applying for every single job, it’s down to the candidates to ensure they have the best possible chance of fighting off the competition and securing the role…. Read more »

14th September 2010Bond Williams

CIPD suggests to the coalition government to limit public sector job cuts

The Governments plans on growth, employment, welfare to work and public service reform would be more effective if they ensured 8 out of 10 public sector job cuts took place… Read more »

20th September 2010Bond Williams

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