Bond Williams reveals the best ways for employers to engage their staff


Bond Williams reveals the best ways for employers to engage their staff

Bond Williams reveals the best ways for employers to engage their staff

22nd June 2010Bond Williams

On Thursday 17th June 2010, Bond Williams held a seminar event for local HR professionals at the Carlton Hotel in East Cliff, Bournemouth. The event was focused around employee engagement… Read more »

Two in three firms struggle to recruit

The CIPD’s most recent resourcing and talent planning survey has revealed that two in three organizations are not finding recruitment easy.The results also demonstrated that attracting and hiring vital staff… Read more »

23rd June 2010Bond Williams

Employers offer accountancy staff pay-rises in a bid not to lose them

Employers are proposing 20% pay-rises for their accountants who want to resign, in a bid to maintain their services, in data revealed from WH Mark Sattin.   The results demonstrate… Read more »

29th June 2010Bond Williams

UK companies are positive about jobs market future.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn, the World’s biggest professional network, has shown that UK businesses have a positive view on the UK jobs market, even after the latest employment figures… Read more »

30th June 2010Bond Williams

In defence of public sector bonuses: Better use of performance pay would help guard public spend, reports CIPD

If ministers and senior civil servants desire maximum value for the tax payer, whilst also driving through substantial public service reform, then they will have to be brave and make… Read more »

17th June 2010Bond Williams

Additional staff recruited due to increased demand

Research by talent assessment solutions provider, SHL, reported that over one quarter of in-house professionals have needed to appoint additional stuff due to increasing demand. The survey used more than 500… Read more »

16th June 2010Bond Williams

Unsuccessful job applicants can negatively affect employers

Research conducted by talent assessment solutions provider, SHL has recently revealed that nearly half (49%) of UK candidates have poor views of a company after an unsuccessful job application with… Read more »

15th June 2010Bond Williams

Acas advice for World Cup workplace harmony

Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is advising employers to be ready for the World Cup. Some employees will be expecting their employers to be flexible about working hours… Read more »

3rd June 2010Bond Williams

Flexible working – a rewarding way to better employee morale

A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey has found that employees in the UK believe that flexible working is the most valuable benefit they can be offered, beating many financial rewards. Flexible working arrangements… Read more »

Bond Williams

What do employees think of their line managers?

Below is a summary of the findings obtained a quarterly survey report, published in the spring of 2010 by the Charted Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), focussing on several aspects concerning employees and their views… Read more »

8th June 2010Bond Williams

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